Get ready to take the benefit of my trail buddies, today we are going to be talking about the 5 best document cameras for school or any other purposes. When you first hear the name document camera, there is a possibility you might visualize the large chunky projector your teacher used to bring in.

But that’s not the place where the world is at today. Document cameras have definitely come a really long way since those times in a considerably fewer number of years. They have become way more modernized and easier to use. So, if you have been looking for document cameras for quite a while and haven’t been able to find the one that’s best for you, we are providing our top 5 suggestions.

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Top 5 Best Document Camera

1) IPEVO VZ-R Document Camera 

pevo VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera — Mac OS, Windows, Chromebook

It is best at capturing images and streams those images on a TV, computer, or projector. If you are planning on using the HDMI mode, you’ll also need a power source. You can experience features like zoom in as well as zoom out in this document camera. If you are going t get a lot of use out of the document camera, it is capable to withstand it.

One amazing feature of this document camera is the dual-mode, this makes it best for classroom use because use the document camera for showing both pictures and videos. It also has a video recording function.

There are a few downsides as well, one of them is that the document camera is not at its best with a Windows 7 OS. But if you use a different OS, the document camera will work just fine. Another thing I figured is that the only image output is a jpeg file.


 IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition 8MP USB Document Camera

With an eight-mega-pixel camera, it provides full HD, amazing quality pictures. The videos are lag-free absolutely amazing, with a multi-joint stand, you can take shots from various angles. If you notice that the joints become loose, it’s very easy to tighten them using a coin.

If we talk about the camera, it has a Sony CMOS image sensor, which helps a lot with the excellent noise reduction of the document camera. The ability to Auto-focus and removable camera are my favorite features of this document camera.

One issue that I am disappointed about the auto-focus, is that it doesn’t lock. The arm is really strong but is a bit short compared to other document cameras. The camera does a really good job of taking shots from different angles with the help of the multi-joint stand.

3) Elmo 1349 Model Interactive 

 Elmo 1349 Model TT-12ID Interactive Document Camera

If you are a teacher and would like to provide your students with a dynamic lesson using all the latest technology, this is best for you. You also get a remote control which allows you to connect the document camera to a TV or computer.

This document camera needs an AAA battery, if you are willing ṭo film 3D, you can do so with the help of the rotating arm and lens. The rotating arm and lens provide flexible visibility to view 3D objects.

You won’t need the help of any other devices, just grab this document camera and you’re all set to host your webinar or anything else. Switching between the camera and the projector is just a piece of cake with this document camera. It’s packed with a lot of the latest technology features, if you are looking for that in your document camera, this is the best one.

4) INEBIZ 30fps 

 INEBIZ 30fps HD HDMI/VGA/USB Lightweight Document Camera


You can use this document camera for literally everything. It has all of the high-tech features that you can ever dream of. The document camera weighs around 3 pounds which is a little heavy compared to other document cameras you can find in the market.

If you are planning on recording long videos, there is an SD card slot available as well. If the room goes dim all of a sudden, you won’t have to struggle to set the brightness as there is an auto-brightness option available. So, no matter how the room is, the lighting of the video will be the same. The document camera has a small and compact base which personally love.

The document camera doesn’t have a high-resolution but if you are planning to use it for minor tasks, it’s fine. If you are someone that doesn’t do well with high technology, this document camera might not be the best choice. But overall, it’s a great product with some amazing features and the only drawback is the low resolution.

5) iOCHOW S3 Document Camera 

Best Document Camera

This document camera is perfect for professional use, it has 9 built-in lights so no matter how the lighting is outside, the brightness of your video will be the same.

One aspect that has blown my mind is the flattening curve technology, if you put a book on the stand, the flattening curve technology automatically flattens the image. It will scan and save the photos so that you can show them afterward.

In case you are someone that travels from place to place with your document camera, then this one is perfect for traveling. If you don’t like to deal with all of the high-technology stuff, congratulations, this document camera doesn’t require you to bang your head against the wall to figure out how to use it. It is very easy to set up and has a very user-friendly operation.

If you are a Mac iOS user, there is bad news guys, this amazing document camera is only compatible with Windows.